Drop Hitches- Top 3 for a Lifted Truck

drop hitches are needed for lifted trucks

Some of the most important things to us are our vehicles. Many people like to modify their trucks by adding a lift kit and big tires and wheels. Lifted trucks are tough looking and capable vehicles! We all know what that means, you have added a suspension and possibly a body lift to your truck and run over-sized tires. Now, you want to tow your RV, utility trailer, or car hauler. You have a serious issue though because the receiver is much higher than the trailer now. What people need are drop hitches.

In this article we will cover the best drop hitches for lifted trucks. Of course, there are new trucks, especially 4×4 Heavy Duty truck that will need drop hitches as well.

Drop hitches allow your truck tow tow the trailer level without the trailer sticking way up in the air.

TTH’s Top 3 Drop Hitches

Let’s dive right in and go straight for the top 3

1) Andersen Rapid Hitch with Greaseless Alumiball

First of all, there are a lot of advantages or pros to the Andersen Rapid Hitch.

  • Versatility- This hitch comes with two different tow balls to choose from. There is both a 2 inch ball and a 2 5/16 ball to choose from depending on your trailer.
  • Adjustability– You can reposition the hitch head for different heights depending on the trailer you are towing. This is a great feature if you tow more than one trailer.
  • Lighter Weight- The Rapid hitch is light weight. It is constructed out of aluminum. Therefore, it is easier to handle when you have to install the hitch into the trucks receiver to tow a trailer or after you are finished towing and you need to put the hitch away.
  • Aesthetics– This hitch is a great looking hitch! Modern pickup trucks are really nice. A lot of people like to have the accessories on their truck to look nice as well! Because of this a lot of people buy the nice looking Andersen Rapid hitch.
  • Strength– This drop hitch is strong. The rating on this hitch is 8,000 lbs for the 2 inch ball and 10,000 lbs for the 2 5/16 ball.

The only real disadvantage to the Andersen Rapid Hitch Alumiball Drop Hitch is that it does have a little bit of a lower rating. However, most trailers are going to be lighter weight and the 10,000 lb rating is more than enough.

Andersen Hitch Locks

In addition to a great hitch, Andersen also sells some nice hitch locks that do a great job securing the hitch head to the shank. A nice draw bar hitch lock like this anti-rattle hitch lock makes for a very secure hitch that will be less likely to grow legs and walk away if you happen to leave your hitch in your truck after you un-hitch the trailer.

2) The B&W Tow and Stow

The B&W Tow and Stow is a crowd favorite. This hitch is the most expensive hitch on our list but it is wonderful. It is similar to the Andersen because it is adjustable. B&W is a brand that creates a passionate following for their products. People just love them. We talked about B&Ws amazing Turnover Ball Underbed Gooseneck hitch in this blog post earlier this year and if you ever get your hands on a B&W product, you will understand the passion.

Here are some of the advantages of the B&W Tow and Stow

  • Storability- You can flip the hitch around and store it out of the way
  • Strong steel construction- Most people like steel despite its heavier weight.
  • Brand recognition
  • 10,000 lb trailer rating
  • Multiple ball selections.

The steel construction means that the hitch may rust if left in the elements for long periods of time. Be that as it may, this hitch will provide YEARS of faithful service.

3) The Andersen EZ Adjust Hitch

This hitch is the best budget hitch on the market. It shares many of the advantages of the Andersen Rapid Hitch, and it carries the same rating as the previous two hitches, but with a lower price tag.

Here are some of the advantages

  • Lower Price
  • Great looking!
  • Steel shank and Aluminum hitch head.
  • 10,000 lb rating
  • 2 inch and 2 5/16 hitch balls.

While this hitch doesn’t have the aesthetics of the Rapid Hitch or the cult following of the B&W it does a great job towing trailers.

Bonus Recommendation

I intentionally left out Weight Distribution Hitches in this article because I wanted to give them special consideration at the end of this article. If you have lifted your truck and you already have a weight distribution hitch, depending on the hitch type, all you may have to do is buy a longer dropped shank for your weight distribution hitch.

I own a drop hitch made by Curt. Basically any of the major manufacturer should have a dropped shank that will meet your needs. Here is an example of some listings on Amazon right now.

Reese Dropped Shanks


Just because you have a lifted truck doesn’t mean that you can’t tow a trailer. You can, you just have to get the right drop hitch for your application. One of these three hitches should meet your towing needs.